Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Zee Wendell Moves Outside with Little Giraffe

Los Angeles based lifestyle photographer Zee Wendell and art director Tara d'Ambrosia along with their client at Little Giraffe have moved outside to evolve the Little Giraffe brand story.  In past seasons the team focused on photographing product and models on an indoor set or in studio, but this season when the product line evolved they took the set on location outdoors. "We wanted to add depth and texture to the environment.  Our customer is a multi-faceted woman and we wanted to show her in a different environment," says Wendell.  Our set aesthetic is still very simple and clean but the outdoor setting gives the setting more visual layers.  And of course we love the curves and iconic statement of the Airstream."  Zee Wendell has been working with Little Giraffe for over four years.  More work from Zee Wendell can be found online here

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Alex Hayden and Rachel Grunig Collaborate for Pocket Bakery in Seattle

Photographer Alex Hayden and Stylist Rachel Grunig recently collaborated on a project that hits close to home. Rachel's husband Josh Grunig started Pocket Bakery in August 2014. It currently functions as a pop up shop in Magpie, a lovely children's toy/gift store located at 2002 E Union Street in Seattle's central district.

To say the least, Josh is an entrepreneurial baker. He opens the bakery every Saturday from 10-1, and provides returning customers with a delicious selection that includes locally sourced and organic ingredients. He has a few stable items, and a few rotating items based on seasonal ingredients. Lately he's been focusing on incorporating heirloom and varietal grains into his products with great success (rye brownie, emmer shortbread, spelt paillettes). 

Some of his other items include (but are certainty not limited to) peach hand pies, mini sourdough loaves (because who doesn't love sourdough), slices of birthday cake, parmesan sage scones, cinnamon rolls, emmer shortbreads, sweet potato pies, and aurora apple pie pockets. 

As Josh is focused on keeping the neighborhood "wanting more", he has high sights for the bakery. Eventually he plans to move to a more permanent space, with the hope of cooking in a brick & mortar kitchen. 

Below are photographs from Alex and Rachel's campaign. You can follow Josh on Instagram at @pocketbakeryseattle and on Facebook at Pocket Bakery Seattle. He has been written up in a few local blogs:

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

David Clugston Shoots Campaign for Alaska Airlines

David Clugston recently shot a campaign for Alaska Airlines introducing their new flight experience. Clugston's photos include an Ipad with streaming entertainment, artisan food, custom leather seats, smart phone chargers, and award winning staff. His photos go above and beyond portraying the airlines service, with his characteristic bold, iconic, and technically proficient composition. 

View the full campaign here, and more of his work on his personal site and at sallyreps.com.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Alex Hayden Photographs the Brand New Hampton Inn (Brooklyn)

Alex Hayden Photographs the Brand New Hampton Inn in Brooklyn, NY. His detailed hotel photography shows the modern interiors of the hotel complete with contemporary furniture and wooden furnishings. 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Alex Hayden and Kelsey Eads for Hotel Andra

Interior photographer Alex Hayden and photo stylist Kelsey Eads recently completed a new image campaign for client Hotel Andra. A stylish, sophisticated downtown Seattle Hotel, Andra offers a boutique hotel atmosphere with first-class service.

Alex and Kelsey were charged with creating images that capture the Pacific Northwest style with the comfort and warmth of the hotel interior. The lobby “Living Room" is centered around the fireplace.  The floor to ceiling book cases and firewood are a nice contrast to the modern artwork and sophisticated furniture that fill the space. The loft sitting area with its cozy chairs and wood block tables allow guests to unwind in comfort and style.  The light filled breakfast room is inviting and sophisticated.  Hotel Ă„ndra is within walking distance of such iconic destinations as Pike Place Market, the Seattle waterfront, and downtown Seattle's thriving retail core. Boutique shops, luxury retailers, and some of Seattle's finest restaurants abound under the looming edifice of the famous Space Needle. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Ian Coble Begins to Document the PNW's Favorite Season

Winter is upon, Weather we like it or not (pun intended)! Photographer Ian Coble, who is notoriously famous for his epic powder shots, and deep understanding of how to portray the winter, has begun to document the snowfall in the PNW. View his newest photo story, launched on an app called Steller. Get excited friends because Winter Is Coming!! 

Winter skiing and snow shots from photographer Ian Coble

Monday, October 13, 2014

Spooky Decorating Ideas from Stylist Allegra Hsiao

With Dia De Los Muertos and Halloween related celebrations right around the corner, get the most out of your celebration with the best decorating tips from Stylist Allegra Hsiao. See more of her work at Sally Reps

Allegra Hsiao styles Mexican holiday day of the dead
san francisoc stylist allegra hsiao styles halloween food table

prop stylist allegra hsiao does spooky drink table

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Alex Hayden and Rachel Grunig Work Together for FloForm

It is always such a pleasure when two of our very own get to work together. Photographer Alex Hayden and Stylist Rachel Grunig have recently been working on a spread for FloForm. FloForm, based in Seattle, is a company dedicated to consistently providing their customers with the best countertop purchasing experience available in the marketplace. The photoshoot took place in and around the Pacific Northwest at a variety of different residences. "It was awesome to work with FloForm," says Grunig.  They're countertops have the perfect balance of storage and style.  Lots of great opportunities for styling." View more of Hayden and Grunig's work at Sally Bjornsen Represents.

Alex Hayden Seattle Furniture Photographer

San Francisco Food Stylist Rachel Grunig

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Photographer Alex Hayden Captures the Studio of Erich Ginder and John Hogan

Photographer Alex Hayden was featured in GRAY Magazine along with AtEdge commercial photography blog for his feature on the studio of multi-disciplinary designers Erich Ginder and John Hogan. Hayden gets a behind the scenes tour of their workshop in Seattle's Little Saigon neighborhood. Click the links to view with features along with more of Hayden's impressive portfolio at Sally Bjornsen Represents .
Alex Hayden GRAY Magazine AtEdge Photographer

Saturday, September 27, 2014

David Clugston Shoots Iconic Bottles for Oola Distillery

Fonts in Use is an independent archive of typography, made possible by talented graphic designers and bloggers all over the world.  They recently did a feature on Oola Distillery, shot by our very own photographer David Clugston. Oola is a craft distillery located in the hip district of Capital Hill, Seattle. View the article here, and more work by Clugston on his personal site.

Seattle Food Photographer David Clugston

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Zee Wendell Continues to Produce Adorable Photographs for Little Giraffe

Zee Wendell gives us a dreamy opportunity to feel to feel the love, warmth, and companionship of a small child. She continues to photograph for luxurious blanket, toy, bedding, and accessory line, Little Giraffe. Wendell's compositions are simple, elegant, and heartwarming. Visit Little Giraffe's website to view Wendell's photographs of their products. 
Zee Wendel Child Photography Little Giraffe

Zee Wendel Child Photography Little Giraffe

Zee Wendel Child Photography Little Giraffe

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

David Clugston Photographs Mouth Watering Food

Still life photographer David Clugston has become known for his non-traditional, iconic food shots. "I am not a traditional food shooter," says David Clugston. "I treat food like still life, producing images that are tasty but also very clean."  This particular shot shows a simple grilled cheese sandwich designed to make the viewer lick his/her lips.  You can see more mouthwatering images from David online at www.sallyreps.com or www.davidclugston.com.  

                               David Clugston Food Photographer

Monday, September 15, 2014

Interior Photographer Alex Hayden for Savant Systems

Savant Systems, a home automation company (a smart home so to speak), recently hired interior photographer Alex Hayden to visually revamp their brand. Founded in 2005, Savant Systems gives the homeowner control of his/her environment, including lighting, climate, entertainment and security from anywhere.  Hayden needed show the simplicity of the system while conveying people in calm, aspirational and attainable home environments.  "We chose a modern home as the location.  The images are somewhat ethereal, showing people in the calm and straightforward spaces," says Hayden. The new image campaign launched in mid-September with the Savant Systems companywebsite. You can see more from Alex Hayden online at www.sallyreps.com or www.alexhayden.com. 

Alex Hayden Savant Systems

Alex Hayden Savant Systems

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Photo Stylist Allegra Hsiao Joins Sally Bjornsen Represents

Photo stylist Allegra Hsiao, known for her wonderful soft goods, food and prop styling has recently joined the roster at Sally Bjornsen represents. Allegra (aka Allie), brings over twelve years of styling experience for brands such as Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, William Sonoma, My Habit, Target and many others.  She was also one of the creative forces behind the new book by chef Jane Coxwell Fresh, Happy,Tasty. Based in San Fraincisco, Allie finds inspiration through food, art, light and her adventures while traveling the world.  "In any city from Paris, to Cape Town to Shaghai there is a story to be found," says Hsiao.  Allie has a fine arts degree from Amherst college, and a background in advertising and window dressing at stores such as Saks 5th Ave. and Bergdorfs. When Allie is at home you can usually find her at the beach surfing or playing volleyball. You can see more work from Allie online at www.sallyreps.com or on her site at www.allegrahsiao.com.

Interior Stylist Allegra Hsiao

Monday, August 25, 2014

Rachel Grunig Styles New Images for FloForm

Photo art director and stylist Rachel Grunig recentlly wrapped a wonderful photoshoot with interior photographer Alex Hayden for kitchen countertop client FloForm. The images featuring the various counterop materials offered in the FloForm catalog also include models in residential environments. "The goal here," says Grunig, "was to create a lived in space that also showed off the product. The job included some prop stylilng and some food styling to give the authentic lived in kitchen feel."  More images from this shoot can be seen at www.floform.com. More images for both Alex Hayden and Rachel Grunig can be found online at www.sallyreps.com.

Rachel Grunig Prop Stylist

seattle interior photographer Alex Hayden

Seattle food stylist

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Alex Hayden Photographs New Project for Stressless Furniture

Interior Photographer Alex Hayden recently completed a fun new photography project for client Stressless Furniture. The online project includes a "scrolling" home. Working alongside The Tombras Group the idea was to shoot separate rooms in different houses and then seamlessly stitch them together horizontally, one room transitioning to the other. "The goal was to show how the Stressless line can be incorporated into different homes and work with different style directions, from traditional to more modern," says Alex. "The trick was to include key elements that would make the transition flow seamlessly. It was somewhat challenging as we tried to move from one distinct style to another. But we accomplished our goal and it turned out great!" The project which launched on the Stressless website earlier this month can be seen online at http://endlessstressless.com/.  

Monday, June 9, 2014

Arresting New Packaging Images for Sahale Snacks from Photographer David Clugston

Seattle Food & Beverage Photographer David Clugston recently shot new, packaging images for Sahale Snacks, makers of heathy all natural snacks.Working alongside creative director David Lemley from agency Retail Voodo the team was able to create simple, graphic images of the product, lending to an updated look with impactful shelf appeal. The shots look modern as well as yummy.The new packaging from Sahale will hit stores soon.  More images from David can be found online at www.sallyreps.com. To read more about Sahale Snacks please o to their website here. 
New images for Sahale Snacks

Seattle Based Food Photographer

Commercial Photographer Seattle

Monday, April 21, 2014

Alex Hayden Photographs Wonderful Spring Flower Arrangements from Botanique Flowers

Interior and still life photographer Alex Hayden shot the featured story by Debra Prinzing in the current issue of GRAY Magazine. Botanique Flowers created the arrangements. The incredible flowers came from Seattle Wholesale Growers MarketYou can read the article online here.

 Narcissus, Iceland poppies, anthriscus foliage, hellebores, peony-flower tulips, ranunculas, white dicentra..... gotta love spring!  More iages from Alex Hayden can be found online at www.sallyreps.com or at www.alexhayden.com.  Happy Sprint!

Alex Hayden Gray Magazine Flower Story

Flowers from Photographer Alex Hayden

Still Life Photographer Alex Hayden Shoots Poppies

Alex Hayden Shoots Peonies and Tulips

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy Hour from David Clugston Photography

Known for his crisp modern style, product photographer David Clugston recenlty wrapped an alcohol shoot and produced some wonderfully clean images.  I am always blown away by David's straightforward style and ability to create simply designed images. You can see more from David Clugston online here or at his site at www.davidclugston.com

David Clugston alcohol photographer

David Clugston Product Photographer

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Interior Photographer Alex Hayden Nails it for Elle Decor

We were so pleased to see the story, A Contemporary Home in Seattle photographed by interior photographer Alex Hayden, in the latest issue of Elle Decor.   The story profiles a 1970s cedar-clad contemporary house in Seattle that has been transformed with expanses of glass and steel.  The home is designed by world renowned architect Tom Kundig, known for his contemporary aesthetic. To see more work from Alex Hayden please go to www.sallyreps.com or www.alexhayden.com.

Elle Decor

Alex Hayden Living Room

Friday, March 14, 2014

Sports Photographer Ian Coble Knocks it Out of the Park with New Photos

Ian Coble, known for his extreme sports photography has taken his talents to Superbowl favorite Seahawks Stadium aka Century Link Field.. Ian's images are gritty, powerful and fierce. Coble colaborated with Janko Williams master retoucer on this project. See more from Ian online at www.iancoble.com or www.sallyreps.com

Professional Baseball Images

Seattle Seahawks Images

Century Link Field

Seattle Sports Photographer

Golf Images