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Photo Stylists Makin' it Happen on Set

After representing commercial photographers and photo stylists for 16 years and managing photo shoots on the client side for a good many more, I'm confident in saying that photo stylists are the unsung heroes of the photo and film biz. Between schlepping, shopping and giving a set its distinctive style, a stylist has a lot to accomplish, physically, creatively and emotionally. A good photo stylist is a confident, creative collaborator and communicator, working with the photographer, as well as the client, to bring a design vision to life, Intuitive and savvy, the best stylists know when to creatively push the client and when to step back. 

I am proud to represent some of the country’s most highly regarded creative prop, food and wardrobe stylists. These individuals consistently bring so much to a film or photo crew. Some of our clients include Eddie BauerAmazonPottery Barn KidsShutterflyCost Plus World MarketNordstrom, and many others. Of course, all of their work can be …

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