Tuesday, March 21, 2017

It's A Party! Kelsey Eads' Teams Up with Sugar & Cloth for Amazon Kitchen

 Amazon Kitchen
There’s good reason that interior, food and tabletop stylist Kelsey Eads is one of our (and our clients’) favorites. Kelsey is a rare stylist who essentially functions as a creative director with years of experience running her own event and wedding company. Over the last six month or so, Kelsey’s been integral in creating the look and feel for Amazon Kitchen’s exciting new Event & Party Department in collaboration with inspired lifestyle blogger, Ashley Rose from Sugar & Cloth. As you might imagine from this duo, the results are nothing short of fabulous. We got to ask Kelsey some questions about how it’s all coming together.

Q. How do you start the creative process when styling events for photoshoots ... what's the first thing you do?

A. Photos taken at a party or event can end up being shot from any angle or distance. It's crucial that the design of the whole room looks just as cohesive as a close-up of the finer points — like a menu on a napkin. In the end, event images serve to tell different chapters of a visual story and form a collection.

Q. How do you incorporate detail without making the images appear busy?

A. I think a big part of styling — and many forms of art — is knowing when to stop. With photography, there’s the added benefit of being able to move and remove items even after you thought you we're done styling. The negative space in an image is important.

Q. What have you been up to lately?

A. I just finished a second shoot for Amazon Kitchen’s Event & Party Department. (Kelsey was responsible for the food styling on the shoot while Ashley styled the props.) Recently, a lot of my favorite work has incorporated styling a kitchen or dining room set and adding in food styling as well, such as a meal being prepped in a beautiful kitchen. I consider interiors and food two very different animals and when they come together it's a lot of fun.

We can’t wait to see Kelsey’s upcoming food stylings for Amazon (& more). Stay tuned at www.sallyreps.com.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Welcome Food & Lifestyle Photographer Sarah Flotard!

Sally Bjornsen Represents is excited to announce the addition of food and lifestyle photographer, Sarah Flotard, to our roster of talent. Sarah, who hails from the East Coast, got her degree in film and literature at the University of Vermont.  It’s a filmmaker’s eye that Sarah brings to her projects — plus a natural ability to lend intimacy and energy to every one of her images.

Starting out, Sarah dabbled in the food industry, first as a recipe developer, cook and content creator for a variety of food blogs, until she landed the position of Marketing Director for James Beard award-winning chef, Tom Douglas. It was during her time with Douglas that she acquired a deeper understanding of the mechanics and artistry behind an award-winning restaurant. Compelled to capture the momentum, creativity and lifestyle behind the scenes, Sarah began photographing celebrity chefs, restaurants, farms and creative communities, landing editorial jobs in The New York Times Magazine, Bon Appétit, Rachel Ray Every Day, Town & Country and many others.  “I like to tell visual stories,” says Sarah.  “I love to capture the creative process and reward the viewer with the result, whether that be a beautiful dish or a group of people enjoying a picnic.”

Not one to be pigeonholed in an industry, Sarah has gravitated to more lifestyle-oriented projects of late, shooting for hotel, grocery and apparel clients. However, she still attributes her unique sense of style to her time spent in frenetic kitchens preparing food and imagining the mystique that goes into a culinary experience. “I spent my childhood by my mom’s side in the kitchen, absorbing her classic cooking style as well as her steadfast belief that it’s important to ‘make it nice.’ She packed me off to college with a deep love of food, a vintage melon baller, and a set of green Fiestaware that my family still eats off today.”

Please help us in welcoming Sarah and don’t miss her work at www.sallyreps.com and www.sarahflotard.com.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Photographer George Barberis Talks Technique with Popular Photography Magazine

Popular Photography Magazine features commercial photographer George Barberis’ mastery of light in its March/April 2017 issue and it’s worth a read. The article, “Light Repast” shares the ins and outs of a project George completed for Lupulo — a spacious, convivial restaurant in the NoMad neighborhood of Manhattan, New York. Lupulo — “hops” in Portuguese — was designed by architecture and design firm, CRÈME, and marries the simplicity of elegant, contemporary design with a traditional Portuguese coastal environment accented by screens of knotted nautical rope, rustic wood and beautiful sea-blue ceramic tiles. Through his photography, George was able to convey the natural feel of the space — light, open and airy.

George and his assistant pulled off the shoot in only three hours between lunch and dinner shifts. The article gives us some insight into George’s lighting techniques, and we learn how he managed to capture the “color” and sense of place unique to each room. Ultimately, we also glean an understanding of this pro’s approach to the artistry of photography.
Be sure to grab a copy of Popular Photography’s upcoming issue and, in the meantime, take a look at George’s body of work at www.sallyreps.com.


Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Eureka! Goes 'Glamping' with Food Stylist Beth Batson

 Food Stylist Beth Batson for Eureka!

 Food Stylist Beth Batson

If you’re anything like us here at Sally Reps, you’re just about ready for a vacation to warmer climes. For those of you who can’t get away, we put together a virtual vacation with food stylist Beth Batson and her client, Eureka!
Over the years, Eureka! – the century-old camping gear purveyor — has expanded its product line beyond tents (and covered wagons) to include sleeping bags, stoves, lighting and more. This past August, Eureka! called on an experienced creative team, lead by still and motion imagery photographers, Little Outdoor Giants, wardrobe stylists Hilary Folks and Erin Larson, hair and makeup artist Jamyrlyn Mallory, and talented our very own talent  food stylist, Beth Batson  to update its look. Beth expertly handled all food prep and styling for the team on location at beautiful Lake Kachess in Eastern Washington.
The site was stunning and made for rich shots of Eureka’s innovative camping gear in action. What’s more, it gave Beth the opportunity to test her mettle preparing and styling food without access to running water, electricity or refrigeration! Campsite gourmet, Beth worked out of her hatchback from multiple ice-packed coolers to prep beautiful food for the shoot. In 90-degree weather, the team photographed Beth's classic camp fare -- like flawless flapjacks -- and a next-level dinner party feast, including steak tacos, condiments, and swoon-worthy snacks. 
Ok, it’s not an all-expense paid vacation to Hawaii but it’s pretty, darn close. Be sure to check out more of Beth’s food stylings at www.sallyreps.com

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Wardrobe Stylist Katie Laggis Riffs on Style to Set the Mood for NYFW

 Wardrobe Stylist Katie Laggis
Today, we’re excited to celebrate the beginning of New York Fashion Week alongside the fashion elite and street-style stars alike. To make us feel like we’re (almost) there, we sat down with Seattle-based, wardrobe stylist extraordinaire, Katie Laggis, to find out what she’s looking forward to most about Fashion Week. 

Katie’s a veteran photo stylist who’s worked with clients across the United States. Her personal uniform has always been baggy pants and T-shirts so it might surprise even those who know her best that Katie’s favorite designers are actually the ultra-girly ones: Nina Ricci, Marchesa, and in particular, . Not only does Katie admire Ferretti's ethereal designs, she respects her endurance and overall contribution to the fashion world: "She still designs for her own house, which is impressive, but she’s also held her own for nearly 50 years in a tough business. When people talk about the great Italian fashion houses they speak of Alberta Ferretti in the same sentence as Armani, Versace, Gucci and Valentino."  

We'll have to wait until later this month for Milan Fashion Week to see what Ferretti's been up to, but meanwhile, we're loving this sheer purple Alberta Ferretti dress (pictured above) that Katie spied a few years back while poking around in a consignment store in Oakland, California, and styled to perfection. See more inspirational Ferretti designs below and be sure to take a look at Katie's complete portfolio at www.sallyreps.com.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Photographer George Barberis Lets the Light in for "Gray" Spread

Gray Magazine George Barberis Photography
 George Barberis Photography
How do you show the luster of dark wood in a turn-of-the-century craftsman surrounded by tall trees on a typical gray Pacific Northwest winter day? You enlist the expertise of talented interior photographer, George Barberis. George is used to working in challenging light. For his recent shoot featured in the February/March issue of Gray Magazine, he brought his own.“I was working in a beautiful, heavily wooded area of the Ladd's Addition neighborhood in Portland, so I set up lighting on really tall stands outside of the bungalow.” 

George was intent on showcasing the wealth of mahogany woodwork and luxurious materials – velvet, silk and brass
 – selected by Portland interior designer Casey Keasler — founder and creative director of Casework. George and Casey were working in small craftsman rooms where Casey had balanced the early 19th century-style of the home with curvy lines, clubby leather chairs and glam accents. 

For George, the challenge was fitting the entire look into the magazine’s image aspect. To make the home photo-ready, the pair spent the day rearranging furniture. The final images show off the home’s newfound luster and inspired décor—complete with hand-painted magnolia blooms by artist, Michael Paulus: Collective sigh.

 George Barberis Photography
See more of George’s work for Gray magazine and myriad clients at www.sallyreps.com or www.georgebarberis.com.
 George Barberis Interior Photography

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Photographer Adair Rutledge's Timely Photo Essay Tackles The Culture of Football

 Nashville Cardinals
This week's all abuzz with football. It's hard to miss the hype surrounding Super Bowl LI. Less well-known, however, is probably the USA Football decision, to drastically alter youth football in light of mounting medical evidence and increasing public opinion that the game is not safe for children. 

At Sally Reps, we feel privileged to see how photographers use their art to address difficult issues. When we saw this evocative photo essay from gifted, editorial photographer, Adair Rutledge, we took a step back. Over the past three years, Adair has been busy documenting the Pee-Wee Football community in Nashville, Tennessee. Adair's photo essay chronicles a deeply-rooted culture of football and the young children who play. We think her work is best summarized by her own words:

Nashville Cardinals

Each evening on my drive home in Nashville, I would pass a field dotted with tiny figures in plastic armor, smashing into each other over, and over again. It was a Pee-Wee Football practice; the players five and six years old. As a Southerner, I understand that football is a rite of passage taken very seriously and yet, I could not get passed the shock of kindergartners wearing oversized helmets and shoulder pads. I was compelled to take a closer look.

This ongoing photo essay, Nashville Cardinals, looks at one of the thousands of Pee Wee Football teams across America. I explore the tension between sweet, post-toddler innocence and checks for concussions, between what it means to be a child and expectations for ‘what it means to be a Man.’ I try to understand how the dynamics between parents, coaches, and kids work to groom the next generation of professional athletes; how repeated physical contact impacts kids early in their lives; and how the industry of football contributes to defining social norms of violence, race, class, and gender for American Youth.

Monday, January 30, 2017

People Will Stare...Photographer Matthew Barnes Makes It Worth Their While

So much has changed for The Shops at The Bravern — Bellevue’s ultimate shopping destination for locals and tourists alike. No doubt, it’s a big job keeping Seattle fashionable, and this year, The Bravern decided to lead by example. To update its look, The Bravern enlisted the help of experienced commercial luxury travel and fashion photographer, Matthew Barnes. On a rainy Seattle day, Matthew brought the sun up with him from LA – plus back-lighting and flair — to turn out some high-key images for his client. To save time, the team built a studio on-site with two sets working for duplicate lighting and backgrounds, wrapping the shoot in one day. We’re loving the new look and you will too. See more from Matthew at www.sallyreps.com or www.matthewbarnesphotography.com.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Is There Anything She Can't Do? Multi-Talented Prop Stylist Allegra Hsiao Show's Off Her Calligraphy Skills

As a prop and soft goods stylist, Allegra Hsiao is in demand. Images from clients like Crate & Barrel and Pottery Barn regularly feature her work as do design magazines like Dwell and CA Home & Design. With a degree in fine arts from Amherst College, it may not seem surprising that Allegra has a hidden talent:  Calligraphy. Over the years, her calligraphy skills have complemented her work as a prop stylist on many a shoot. In fact, as evidenced by "the calligraphy stars of Instagram," the ancient art form of calligraphy is still decidedly modern.

When did you learn calligraphy?
My older sister was a calligrapher so I started trying my hand right out of the gate. She wrote out the alphabet in italics and I copied it over and over for years.  My first "professional" job was in the sixth grade when my teachers asked me to calligraph the names on my classmates' elementary school diplomas.

Calligraphy seems intimidating. Do you need perfect penmanship?
Of course not! If "perfect imperfection" was not desirable, people would use a computer. Beauty is found in imperfection.

Where can we see your calligraphy?
It has been featured in some catalogs over the years — Bergdorf Goodman, Pottery Barn, Red Envelope. I’ve also done a lot of event calligraphy for fashion designers like James Galanos and John Galliano. Currently, my calligraphy is featured as the title art for the film series Standing on Sacred Ground .

How does calligraphy complement your work as a stylist?
Every so often, a table setting needs place cards or some stationary needs address labels. My fine art background also comes in handy from time to time when a client needs copyright-free art in a pinch.
What’s in your arsenal of tools?
My favorites implements are an inkbrush or a nibbed calligraphy pen and ink. Inkbrush makes it feel less like writing and more like painting or making art. The old fashioned, nibbed calligraphy pen and ink is just plain cool; it makes me feel like I’ve stepped back in time. What’s more, the effect is always unexpectedly beautiful.

What should we know about calligraphy?
If someone commissions a calligrapher to write a letter for you, consider yourself very special! Essentially, you've received a piece of art that took a great deal of time and love. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Food Photographer George Barberis and Local Haven's Ashley Marti Share New Collab for Amazon Kitchen's "New Year, New You"

Who doesn’t want a fresh start in the new year? Of course, this usually means a renewed commitment to healthy choices. To narrate their visual story for the new year, Amazon Kitchen turned to photographer George Barberis and his inspirational food photography. Amazon’s “New Year, New You” campaign featuring George’s photography shows simple, seasonal recipes from food stylist and well-known blogger, Ashley Marti. Ashley is behind the swoon-worthy online destination Local Haven and beautiful Instagram feed by the same name @localhaven. 
The Amazon project was a happy coincidence for George and Ashley who had been meaning to work together for some time and were excited to finally merge talents. For Amazon’s campaign, George and Ashley do what they do best—celebrate beautiful, seasonal and local produce coming out of the Pacific Northwest. We can’t wait for their next collab.
Be sure to take a look at George's complete (& fabulous) portfolio at www.sallyreps.com. Bon appetit!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Brad Knipstein Showcases Benefit’s “Pinktorian” and We Want to Move in Now

Pink:  It’s shown to reduce aggressive behavior, offer a sense of connection and well-being, lend its appeal to gender movements and even made its way into technology via Apple’s rose gold iPhone. Last year, Pantone named Rose Quartz 2016’s color of the year along with Serenity, a cool, tranquil blue. No longer reserved for confections or little girl’s rooms, we’re taking pink seriously without typecast or judgment.
According to photographer, Brad Knipstein, who captures the interiors of some of the nation’s swankiest homes, pink is still having a major moment. Recently, Brad’s infectious imagery showcased Benefit Cosmetic’s “pink house” for the holidays. Benefit liked his work so much, they decided to use it for a profile in the popular lifestyle blog, Refinery29. Located near San Francisco’s Alamo Square, the Victorian — styled pink for the event — belongs to Brad’s friend and longtime colleague, gifted stylist, Rosy Fridman Strazzeri. (Wink:  Rosy’s name is aptly coincidental.)

Although Brad has photographed Rosy’s interior many times before, he noted this time, with so much pink—it was about neutralizing the walls to prevent a cast. “Rosy likes whites to a cooler point, while Benefit’s pink is a bit warmer than your average Valentine’s day pink. It’s more yellow. It was important for us that the walls stayed white.” 

We couldn’t agree more with Refinery29 — these images have our hearts collectively skipping a beat. To see more of Brad’s work, please visit www.sallyreps.com.