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Behind Every Great Photographer is a Great Retoucher

Sometimes a picture can be taken 100% in camera, but, more often than not, an image needs to be finessed behind the scenes before it is launched into the visual world. That’s where our friend, high-end retoucher Jon Birdseye enters the picture. 

Birdseye earned an MFA in photography before embarking on a successful career in retouching. I started 4x5 large format film long before simulating the creative process using digital technology," says Jon, who credits his hybrid analog/digital education for his ability to render authenticity." I work to finesse the technology rather than having it determine the output." 

Jon started his career in New York where he gained much-needed exposure to the demands of high-end editorial retouching.  It was there that he learned a good photograph is merely the starting point of the final image. He came to understand that a talented and skilled retoucher can more closely mirror the vibrancy seen by the naked eye.
As retouching has taken on a …

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