Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Talented Stylist Gretchen Bell Joins Creative Roster at Sally Bjornsen Represents

Sally Bjornsen Represents has expanded its talented roster of stylists today with the addition of Seattle-based fashion and prop stylist Gretchen Bell. Clients such as Levi’s, Amazon, Target, Starbucks and Tommy Bahama (among others) have turned to Gretchen for her styling expertise. Gretchen brings with her 20-years experience and an intimate knowledge of the production process, having also worked as a producer and casting agent.

Clients love working with Gretchen for her ability to collaborate with crews large and small, her experience across print, film and video, and obviously, for her great sense of style and can-do attitude. Here at Sally Reps, we have a longstanding relationship with Gretchen, a deep admiration for her work and jumped at the chance to bring her on board.
“Production is about the details and so am I. I know how to handle big productions and seemingly impossible concepts, all while keeping a smile on my face. I am there to make your talent, your set, and ultimately, you look pretty amazing.”
Visit www.sallyreps.com and help us welcome Gretchen to our amazing team.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Photographer David Clugston's Images Unveil Diamondback's New Andean Super Bike

This week we’re excited to catch up with commercial photographer David Clugston. David’s clients seek out his modern aesthetic to reinvent everyday, ordinary objects with his signature graphic intensity. His images never reduce a product to its parts, rather they celebrate sculptural elements, complex engineering  and detail.

Recently, Diamondback Bicycles called on David to help unveil the Andean – the world’s fastest aero bike. Diamondback, one of North America’s most well-respected cycling brands, debuted the Andean last week as a culmination of a two-year effort to produce a bold, new super-bike. For its release, Diamondback looked to David’s iconic still life photography to capture its form and function.

The intensity of David’s imagery comes in part from his appreciation for the Andean’s design. “A bike is so much more than the frame,” says Clugston. “It’s a collection of really beautiful, well-designed components. It was my job to visually show the details that matter to the highly competitive and focused triathlete.” 

With high-contrast lighting, strategic shadows and deep black background, no question, David’s photos stand to make a big impact for Diamondback. Very slick!

To see more of David’s work, visit www.sallyreps.com or www.davidclugston.com.  

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Photographer Matthew Barnes Shoots Inspirational New Brand Images for Los Altos

 Matthew Barnes Commercial Photographer
Lifestyle and fashion photographer Matthew Barnes relishes a challenge. He began his career photographing musicians and celebrities, and over the years, got good at working with people from all walks of life, making them feel at ease and earning their trust. Whether it’s shooting for a new client, a totally different niche market or traveling to a tricky location, time and again, Matthew makes it work. He attributes his longevity and success in the field to the fact that he feels pretty lucky to be working with people. It’s that gratitude that we see in the images he creates of people sharing genuine moments.  
 Matthew Barnes Commercial Lifestyle Photographer
This summer, Matthew had the opportunity to work with a new client, Los Altos Foods, to help them take their traditionally Hispanic products into more mainstream markets nationwide. To make this move, the client had to go in a totally different direction and shift its brand focus from product to lifestyle. As we can see from the images, Matthew was able to capture the warmth and authenticity of families enjoying moments and creating memories around food. Look out for the new Los Altos brand images to appear in print and online this fall.

Photo credits:  Creative director, Agustin Garza, The Garza Group; Art director, Paulina De La Garza; Photographer, Matthew Barnes; Food stylist, Camilles Kitchen; Hair & Makeup, Donna Gast; Prop stylist, Bory Tan.

To take a look at Matthew's work, visit www.sallyreps.com or www.matthewbarnesphotography.com

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Photographer Brad Knipstein's Work Illuminates Interiors

Brad Knipstein’s photography captures some of the Bay Area’s most inspiring interior design work. His curiosity and eye for design make Brad a go-to for many of San Francisco’s top designers. His most recent collaboration with San Francisco interior designer Angela Free may be one of our favorites. The images featured in the September issue of San Francisco Cottages & Gardens showcase a newly transformed pied-à-terre in a 1920's property located in beautiful Pacific Heights.  
This was Brad’s second project with Free and, as you can see from the photographs, he’s a big fan of her work. “Angela Free manages to blend a variety of textiles and materials with ease. She uses lavish textures but applies them with a refined, subtle approach. The result is elegant.”

Brad’s photographs succinctly unite the space's architecture, light, flow and, most importantly, the attitude of the people who live there. Interested in seeing more of Brad’s work? Visit his website at www.knipstein.com or www.sallyreps.com.  Read more about this project at Cottages & Gardens.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Just Can't Get Enough: Kawaii-Inspired Fashion from Stylist Katie Laggis

Might be my penchant for all things Kawaii, but these editorial images from fashion stylist Katie Laggis make me smile. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Thanks to photographer Tereza Janakova, art director Christine Wingate, makeup artist Erin Skipley, Hair by Heidi Nymark & last, but certainly not least, model Gia. 


For more information about Katie and her work visit www.sallyreps.com.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

San Francisco Commercial Photographer Brad Knipstein Let's Us Tag Along

This week we are behind the scenes with our talented artists at Sally Bjornsen Represents!
Who better to give us a rundown of a day-in-the-life than one of San Francisco’s leading commercial photographers, Brad Knipstein. Brad’s known for his captivating interior photography, making him a go-to for legacy brands like Williams-Sonoma and Pottery Barn, and the darling of many boutique architecture and interior design firms. He brings the perfect combination of artistry and technique to every project. Plus, he’s got mad computer skills. How does he do it? We followed him around for a day to find out.
Brad Knipstein Photography

7:00 AM I start the day off with my favorite morning drink, Levity Brew, a blend of coffee, tea and herbs. For years, I had been trying to quit coffee. I actually did the photography for Levity Brew in San Francisco, and in the process, fell in love with their product. 

8:00 AM Time to pack up. Usually the night before, I reflect on the goal of the shoot and decide which equipment I need depending on the scale of the project and location. I’m a stickler for having all the right tools in my toolbox so on set, I’m free to work in the moment.

9:00 AM When I arrive, I walk through the location and determine the order of shots for the day. Of course, light, product and client needs all factor into this equation. I’ll usually take a moment to catch up with the stylists and designers about props and lighting. Once the order is established, I immediately begin work on the composition for the first shots.

Noon Lunch brings everyone together and gives us a chance to discuss life outside of the photo shoot. Mentally, it’s a reprieve from the intense focus of the work and gives us a chance to recharge creatively.  

1:00 PM The afternoon is spent re-assessing which shots we need to complete before the end of the day. If we are running ahead of schedule, it gives us time to add shots.

8:00 PM After the shoot, I’m careful to always back up the files in at least two different places, then I can start the editing process. Most images need retouching, and I like to take an uninterrupted day or two to complete that process. It gives me a great sense of satisfaction to bring the space to life in Photoshop. I’m always excited to show the finished images to the team so I can get feedback and share the sense of accomplishment.
 Brad Knipstein Photography

9:00 PM When I have time, I like to catch up with friends. We might grab oysters at the Waterbar near the Bay Bridge or drink a stout or porter at Magnolia Pub & Brewery closer to home. I easily find inspiration walking the Land's End Trail with views of the Bay and Golden Gate Bridge. On a quiet night, you’ll find me reading. I just started The Season of the Witch by David Talbot. The San Francisco focus is really fun.

Visit www.sallyreps.com to see Brad's portfolio.