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Sally Bjornsen: My Role as an Agent

As an artist representative, it’s my job to help artists get business. At the same time, I am an artist coach, business manager and editor. My job is to work with photographers and stylists to develop and evolve their own “recognizable” brand aesthetic. At times artists get so busy producing commercial work that they lose sight of their unique vision. At the end of the year, they have money in the bank, but few new images for their portfolio.  It’s not that commercial work can’t fit into a portfolio, it’s just that heavy commercial direction is not always consistent with an artist’s original style.  For this reason, I encourage thoughtful testing as often as possible. The goal is to create fresh imagery from each artist’s own unique perspective –so the work stands out amongst the competition and inspires art directors and clients. 
What makes a good test project? Fortunately, I work with artists who are incredibly prolific. This makes my job really fun; clients like to see new work and I…

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