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The #HIREAWOMAN Series Features Wardrobe and Prop Stylist Gretchen Bell

When Gretchen Bell styles, she’s all about classic silhouettes, the the kind of pieces that she can reach for again and again. Unique accessories and materials—textures and patterns—are at the core of what makes her work stand out. This week, we're continuing our article series exploring the talented women of Sally Reps by talking with Gretchen who’s ready to spill some of her favorite resources and style inspirations.
What is the most exciting and creative place you have recently found for wardrobe or props? I love hunting for props at thrift stores, especially for retro vases, old books and interesting accessories.  I am really excited about some of the pop-up shops around town and at Nordstrom. Seattle has pretty limited resources, so pop up shops are a great way to shop for pieces we don’t normally see. I recently met a great jeweler at Pike’s Market that I am excited to work with. 
How much of your propping is influenced by Instagram or other forms of digital media? Instagram is …

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