Bye, Bye Gray! Three Easy Ways to Introduce Jewel Tone Colors to Your Home Décor

With every new year, we're excited to usher in fresh interior trends and say goodbye to a few. As always, a major part of what's trending is driven by the changing color landscape. In 2019, we're finally seeing a move away from the Scandinavian neutral palettes that have been so dominant in home décor. Designers, stylists and interior photographers are featuring deeper, darker jewel tones.

According to Pantone's Lifestyle Color projections, these rich hues fulfill our desire to nest using "rich, saturated shades." Doubling down on color, the online marketplace curator 1st Dibs completed their annual poll of the world's top designers and the results are in: designers and their clients want color—"warmer, brighter jewel tones."

So how do you incorporate bold color into your interior?

Work with a tight color palette of complementary color families—think Pantone color of the year Living Coral set off by bold blues or vivid greens. Start small in a bed or bathroom to get comfortable with color.

Avoid awkward transitions by maintaining the color palette in adjoining rooms. Colorful accents in one room can become giant swathes of background color in the next. Bright and eclectic accents like Murano glass or Boucherouite rugs can also be a fun way to play with color.

Richly colored, and if your budget allows, custom furniture in sumptuous velvet or buttery leather adds luxurious warmth to any room.

Don’t be afraid to dive in! For ideas, see more from our interior stylists and photographers at #jeweltones #decoratewithcolor #interiorphotography