Lifestyle and Fashion Photographer Elke Van De Velde Joins Sally Reps

We are happy to kick off the new year by announcing an exciting collaboration with lifestyle and fashion photographer Elke Van De Velde. Elke has experience working with brands such as Nike, Tommy Bahama, Amazon and Nordstrom. Her work has been published in Milk Magazine and Babiekins among many others. Born in Antwerp, Belgium and trained as a photographer in Brussels, Elke’s aesthetic is clean and pure. She strives to meld a fresh perspective with classical elements in all of her images. We sat down with Elke to learn a little more about what drives her art and work.

Q. What are you looking forward to in joining the Sally Reps Roster?

A. I'm looking forward to expanding my client base with Sally Reps. Sally's eye and expertise will be invaluable in helping me to showcase my best work and grow in this industry.

Q. How would you describe your work these days? What inspires you to create?

A. Movement and excitement are what I love capturing. I am addicted to my work. I’m constantly inspired by colors and visions of what I want to create. I shoot from a variety of angles and push the limits to tell beautiful stories full of energy.

Q. Do you have a recent shoot that got you pretty excited? If so, please explain.

A. I just shot an editorial for a kids fashion magazine at a beautiful location in Laguna Beach. All the good natural elements were there. Getting a slight sunburn in January (yes I’m awfully pale) got me fully energized to brave the gray Seattle weather again.

Q. What is your preference to shoot on location or in studio? Is there a difference?

A. I truly enjoy both. Location and studio are very different from one another. Living in Seattle, the weather doesn’t always cooperate, so I've been provided with a lot of studio opportunities. Studio is definitely a more predictable and controlled environment.

I love shooting on location because I can move and be free to gain different angles and perspectives. Location is definitely more physical than studio. The constant changes in the elements of light and wind keeps me on my toes and help to create a spontaneity in my images that I enjoy.

Q. What is your idea of the perfect team on a shoot?

A. Collaboration is key! The perfect team is one that complements one another. Sharing ideas, utilizing everyone’s talents and feeling the positive energy of team members always creates better imagery.

To learn more about Elke and see her portfolios please visit