Nordstrom and Tom Douglas Join Forces with a New Restaurant, Photographed by Sarah Flotard

How do you tell the story of an exciting collaboration between an iconic heritage brand and award-winning chef? Invite food and lifestyle photographer Sarah Flotard to shoot a sexy, editorial photo series in the vibrant new space and enlist photo retoucher Jon Birdseye to help with the project.

This fall, Tom Douglas and Nordstrom teamed up to launch a full-service restaurant called Jeannie's in Las Vegas. Over the past eight years, Flotard has partnered with Douglas on various commercial photography projects from the Dahlia Lounge to Serious Pie

For Jeannie’s, Flotard wanted to try something different. “While we wanted to shoot delicious food, we weren’t going for a 'Bon Appetit' look. I thought editorial images would introduce the element of fashion and a fun, sexy, party atmosphere to tell the story. The idea was to make a connection between the food and the space.”

Shot in Seattle and Las Vegas, Douglas’ chefs pulled together the food styling while Amy Richardson and Nordstrom stylists worked together to imagine props and wardrobe. Flotard’s resulting art photography will adorn the walls of Jeannie’s and complement the gorgeous Graham Baba design.

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