Interior Photographer R. Brad Knipstein Appreciates All the Angles

For their December issue cover feature, shelter title Luxe Interiors + Design sought out acclaimed interior photographer R. Brad Knipstein to highlight the storied home of San Francisco interior designer Arthur McLaughlin and his partner Steven Stiller. It’s interesting to note that Knipstein shot Luxe’s debut edition in the San Francisco Market back in 2014.
The historic Beaux Arts-style condominium, with views of Grace Cathedral, was built by business magnate Adolph Spreckles for his mistress at the turn of the century. To soften to the wood interior, Knipstein and the Luxe team worked to create focal points of light and color. 

“We wanted the space to look expansive and showcase the curated collection of contemporary artwork and décor,” says Knipstein. As always, Knipstein introduced some new and interesting angles to the shot direction. “I appreciate all of the possibilities, my job is to take any light I can and use it.”
While Knipstein has worked with Arthur McLaughlin & Associates many times before, he was astounded by Stiller’s ability to source props from the home’s amazing collection. “We didn’t work with an outside stylist, so Steven’s ability to find the perfect prop from the couple’s amazing and extensive collection was brilliant. There’s a museum quality to the space. It’s highly curated. ”

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