Ready. Set. Watch Gretchen Bell's Latest Styling Work for Client MERRELL

Wardrobe and prop stylist Gretchen Bell recently styled a video and stills for Merrell's new campaign "Welcome to Nature's Gym." Gretchen joined Chuck Martin Productions and Director of Photography, Taylor Scott Mason for the shoot at Seattle's GasWorks Park, the Arboretum and Volunteer Park. Gretchen got some exercise managing wardrobe and props--medicine balls, weighted ropes, bikes, etc. -- on the two different sets. Oddly, Seattle decided not to rain that day so the team employed rain machines.
An experienced stylist, Gretchen's work varies quite a lot depending on the medium. "I find the biggest challenge of shooting video as compared to stills is that there are so many moving parts you can’t spend much time fussing. You have to learn to let a lot of things go because stopping a shot if there is movement or dialogue involved means stopping the filming and starting again," she says. "You also see everything from every angle all the time so there's not the luxury of pinning and taping things to get them like you want them to look." 

This is one gym we'd be happy to join. Learn more about Gretchen and her work at 


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