Lunch Break in Japan: Flawless Food Photography and Dining Tips from Brad Knipstein

 Brad Knipstein Photography
Commercial photographer Brad Knipstein spoils us this week with delicate and sumptuous food photography from a recent trip to Japan. At home in San Francisco, Brad has access to many of the best restaurants in the world, but he insists that the food in Japan is almost always of a higher quality than what we’re used to in the U.S. These images highlight the fresh colors and beautiful textures of authentic Japanese food, plus Brad’s photography skills, of course.
A frequent traveler to Japan – Brad’s wife is both Japanese and a brilliant chef – he chooses his inspiration from the amazing food he eats at home with his wife’s family. Since most of us aren't lucky enough to have access to home-cooked Japanese food, Brad filled us in on some of his favorite local restaurants and bars to visit on our next trip to Japan.
Home sick? Try Pub Hub, a British pub in Makuhari. Any westerner will feel at home here. According to Brad, the food is not the highest quality, “but perhaps that’s their statement about American and British food.” The atmosphere, however, is reasonably authentic and you’ll find many foreigners from the nearby international school. In fact, it’s the only place to find “Gaijin” or non-Japanese people in Makuhari.

A hankering for shellfish? Visit Kani Doraku Kyoto Honten. If you love crab, and Brad does, the crab in Japan puts other crab to shame. It’s prepared here in many, many different ways. Guests dine in private rooms where each course – usually at least six – are brought.
A night on the town? Don’t miss Yokohama Chinatown. Brad describes this area as having a “New Orleans vibe” where you can walk down the street with a drink and party with locals. Another dining option is Funabashi, Chiba. Funabashi is a town close to Makuhari on the way to Tokyo that has an astounding number of yummy restaurants and bars.

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