Creative Director Q Caylor’s Secrets to Planning the Perfect Summer Soirée

 Art Director Q Caylor for Pottery Barn
Looking to pull off an effortlessly elegant summer gathering? Here at Sally Bjornsen Represents, we have access to extraordinary talent whose skills on set easily transfer to entertaining. Much like the consummate host, it’s the creative director who coordinates, inspires and brings creative strategy to every photo shoot. Just as he creates an enviable environment on set, our very own creative director Q Caylor knows a thing or two about throwing the perfect party. He thinks of everything! Read and learn:  

1.   Everything on a tray. No matter what you're serving or serving it in, put it all on a collection of white trays. The chic presentation instantly elevates the simplest of snacks.
2.   You can do better than plastic cups. Go to IKEA and pick up a few six-packs of super-affordable drinking glasses. At less than a dollar a piece, it’s no sweat when they get broken. After the party, just toss the survivors in the dishwasher and pack them away for your next soirée. If you must do plastic, forgo the red Solo® variety and do yourself (and your floors) a favor by serving drinks in clear cups with lids. Add some cute paper or reusable straws and your guests won't feel like they've crashed a frat party.
 Q Caylor Art Director for Pottery Barn3.   For a large gathering, always pre-make a cocktail. Serve your libations in a punch bowl, pitchers or raised drink dispensers. It makes your guests' first decision: "What to drink?” an easy one and gets them right to socializing. It's also a simple way to serve delicious, multi-ingredient cocktails that would otherwise hold up the line at the bar. A summer favorite of ours is a sweet and tangy batch of Honey Lime Margaritas.
 Q Caylor Art Director for Pottery Barn4.   Lights! Nothing adds magic to an outdoor gathering like a few strings of cafe lights overhead mixed with the warm, flattering glow of tea lights all around.
5.   Just like on a shoot, great music sets the right vibe and inspires creative thinking. My most recent go-to for a fresh mix is from Japancakes. We love our SONOS speakers to play music in every room of the house. They sound great, are easy to control from your phone, and you can set up any playlist or streaming service to play all night without having to think about it again during the party. Just remember to keep it down for the neighbors, or be smart and invite them!

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