New Photo Story in San Francisco Cottages & Gardens from Photographer Brad Knipstein

 SFC&G Features Brad Knipstein Photography
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Martha Angus' Artful Interiors Enliven an Atherton Residence

By Linda O’Keeffe | Photographs by Brad Knipstein

Interior designer Martha Angus is also a painter, so she instinctively wears two hats whenever she incorporates artwork into her furniture plans: In a recent project for a family of five, for instance, her impulse was to place pieces from the client’s collection of contemporary art where they would be the hero of each room. At the same time, she and her firm’s senior designer, Ericka Catanzaro, wanted to give equal measure to sculptural lighting and furniture with superb silhouettes. The result? The newly built home feels dynamically integrated. “It sounds paradoxical,” says Angus, “but when you’re here, it feels edgy and timeless, rich and spare, serene and energetic, formal and very relaxed all at the same time.” Read more here…


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