What She Sees Is What You Get

Lifestyle photographer Adair Rutledge isn’t interested in creating cover girls. Adair grew up in a family of strong women where her mother consciously raised her three daughters to believe they could do anything if they worked for it. It wasn’t until Adair started her own photography business at age 25 that she realized the sense of female empowerment she grew up with was unique. Suddenly, she found that some people didn’t expect much from a “girl photographer.” Not only did this perception fuel Adair’s artistic voice, she turned it into an advantage and outperformed expectations. Her early work as a photographer in the music industry also helped shape her viewpoint:

“I was struck by the double standard in the music industry that demanded unrealistic female perfection at the expense of individuality, whereas men were considered attractive for their creativity.  As I gained experience, I became proud of my work with real people. Consciously or not, I found myself gravitating more toward projects that portrayed women authentically as strong and beautiful.”

Adair hopes her documentary-style photography resonates with viewers and may even nudge them to think or act differently. We’re excited to feature some of her projects that celebrate woman and girls from all walks of life — female entrepreneurs, athletes and everyday kids – all doing exceptional things.

Visit www.adairrutledge.com or www.sallyreps.com to learn more about Adair’s work.



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