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Icicle Seafood Photoshoot
Most of us are in the habit of accumulating a lot of stuff and continually looking for ways to reduce our footprint. In honor of Earth Day this week, we caught up with prop, interior and food stylist, Rachel Grunig, to learn how she makes a concerted effort to stay green. It’s no secret that photo stylists, in particular, source everything from unique surfaces and accents to furniture and artwork for photo shoots. Turns out, Rachel is an expert at organizing her stuff. Over the years, she’s also become quite skilled at incorporating amazing vintage-inspired, eco-friendly items into her design. We’re excited to share Rachel’s list of favorite local, used and vintage purveyors:

ü  Akiko Graham is a very talented local Seattle potter. I recently sourced a beautiful selection of plates, saucers and low bowls for a shoot for Icicle Seafoods where the creative called for unique ceramics.
ü  Judy Jackson is another potter I really love. Although, she’s based in New Jersey, Three Birds Home in Queen Anne often carries her work. Three Birds also carries dishware by a company called Canvas – purveyors modern, sustainable style.
ü  For metal accents, the Goodwill on Dearborn is my go-to source for interesting, tarnished metal trays and bowls. Every time I go there I find amazing metal bits. I’ve had a lot of luck finding vintage silverware at prices far lower than what I’d find at an antique store.

Vintage finds from Seattle Goodwill

 Details from Seattle Goodwill
ü  Mr. Johnson’s Antiques in Montlake is another great source for metal accents and vintage dishes.
ü  For fabric, a local favorite is Nancy’s Sewing Basket in Queen Anne. Nancy’s has a lovely selection of linen fabrics that are great for tablecloths and napkins. 

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 On Set with Rachel Grunig


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