Photographer David Clugston's New Images for Julie's Organic Ice Cream: A Pure Delight!

For nearly 20 years now, Julie's Organic Ice Cream has been making delicious, organic ice cream. When Julie’s decided to update their brand packaging and introduce new premium flavors, they partnered with Retail Voodoo. Their goal:  Reinforce the brand’s commitment to the pure delight of Julie's ice cream made with only the finest USDA certified organic ingredients.
With just one shot to reach the grocery consumer, the creative team tapped Seattle-based commercial photographer, David Clugston, to shoot the product. David is known for his ability to photograph food stories that bring everyday products to life for market leaders like Starbucks and McDonalds. His knack for graphic, sensuous photography gives brands the “wow-factor” they need to drive purchase at retail.
To set Julie’s Ice Cream apart, David collaborated with talented, Seattle-based food stylist, Julie Hopper. With so many category choices, the team needed to break through the clutter. It simply wasn’t enough to photograph the product, the team set out to create imagery that embodied the very essence of Julie’s Ice Cream.
We think they've more than succeeded! Take a look at the final images:  Luscious, creamy, indulgent. Please visit to see the latest product photography from David Clugston.


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