'Tis the Season for Giving & Sally's Sharing Her List of Favorite Production Resources

We have much to be thankful for this holiday season at Sally Bjornsen Represents. After working in the advertising industry for more than 20 years, Sally, Founder and Principal of Sally Bjornsen Represents, is excited and grateful to have built a roster of incredibly talented commercial photographers, photo stylists and photo art directors nationwide.  Aside from her own talent, Bjornsen has developed a long list of favorite production resources. Lucky for us, Sally’s giving back this year by sharing her go-to list of creative partners.

“Crew is everything!” says Bjornsen. “A production crew is made up of many specialists who come together to bring a creative idea to life. Over the years, I’ve established partnerships with my favorite people and companies.  I truly value people who are passionate about what they do, flexible, have a great sense of humor and consistently deliver on time and budget. For me, it’s really important that we enjoy the process. I’ve seen the best creative results when there’s chemistry and respect between people. My partners are consistent on set and off.”

Without further ado, here are Sally’s local production picks:  

Hair and Make Up:  Shannon Rasheed. I met Shannon on a shoot nearly 18 years ago when I was a client. She’s so talented and has an outstanding demeanor. Models love her and so do photographers. Chemistry on the set is always a pleasure with Shannon. Shannon is represented by Celestine.

Food Stylists:  Food styling is an art! I have three amazing food stylists – Rachel Billings, Beth Batson and Allegra Hsiao — that my photographers turn to time and time again.  I also love working with Julie Hopper, who is represented by Tricia Burlingham at Artist Representation, Inc. Other favorite food stylists of mine are Jean Galton and Patty Whittmann. You are always in good hands with any of the above.

Producers: There are many good production resources in Seattle, but my favorites are: Lisa Farnham at The Radish Co. who is a seasoned producer for print, video and film and Erika Desroche at Blondehouse Production. Erika can also handle location scouting.

Casting Real People:  Diana Lopez at Real People Casting

Please contact sally@sallyreps.com for more information or to learn more about her talented production crew!


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