Photographer David Clugston's Images Unveil Diamondback's New Andean Super Bike

This week we’re excited to catch up with commercial photographer David Clugston. David’s clients seek out his modern aesthetic to reinvent everyday, ordinary objects with his signature graphic intensity. His images never reduce a product to its parts, rather they celebrate sculptural elements, complex engineering  and detail.

Recently, Diamondback Bicycles called on David to help unveil the Andean – the world’s fastest aero bike. Diamondback, one of North America’s most well-respected cycling brands, debuted the Andean last week as a culmination of a two-year effort to produce a bold, new super-bike. For its release, Diamondback looked to David’s iconic still life photography to capture its form and function.

The intensity of David’s imagery comes in part from his appreciation for the Andean’s design. “A bike is so much more than the frame,” says Clugston. “It’s a collection of really beautiful, well-designed components. It was my job to visually show the details that matter to the highly competitive and focused triathlete.” 

With high-contrast lighting, strategic shadows and deep black background, no question, David’s photos stand to make a big impact for Diamondback. Very slick!

To see more of David’s work, visit or  


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