A Must See: Grant Sainsbury's Photography Exhibit, A Western-Americana Perspective

Tractor Man Pigmented archival cotton paper prints, Signed Edition of 25, 42" x 58", framed
If you’ve spent your life photographing rock ‘n’ roll royalty and traveling the globe snapping pictures of top-models and famous actors for Vogue, Tatler, Harper’s and the like, you might wonder what could possibly inspire your next project? British-born, international fashion photographer, Grant Sainsbury will tell you that for him, there’s nothing more compelling and iconic than the American West. As Sainsbury’s fine art photography re-imagines the West on a grand scale, with arresting images in eye-popping color, we can’t help but agree.
Smoking Girl Pigmented archival cotton paper prints,
Signed Edition of 25, 51" x42", framed    

Sainsbury’s fascination with Americana started in his youth, when he vacationed on the California Coast and most certainly continued while on location over the years in the States. Then in 2014, the pursuit of his Western-Americana fine art photography project, in part, prompted a move for his family from London to the artist’s haven of Carmel on California’s Central Coast. Soon after, Sainsbury made a fortuitous connection with Peter Pedrazzi (of the Pedrazzi Family Ranch in Salinas) that afforded this Englishman access to his muse:  The American cowboy. “The reality is that unless you’re taken in, unless you are a part of the ranch and all the family involved, you’re an outsider and you’ll never have a way to experience this world and the real people in it,” says Sainsbury.

This fall, Sainsbury’s exhibition of fine art photography will debut at the Winfield Art Gallery in Carmel. His take on the American West is a confluence of carefully-crafted photography, an eye for pop art and a passion for his new home — in addition to a lot of hard work.

“Grant has created a body of work that is new and fresh,” says artist and gallery owner, Chris Winfield who represents Sainsbury. “His work is western with a ‘rock-n-roll’ vibe; clean images in high key with an incredible blast of color. Moving into his own work, his photographs carry a lot of energy, and those who know his high-fashion, high-style perspective will recognize that he’s still in his game.”
Cow Pigmented archival cotton paper prints, Signed Edition of 25, framed
The Opening Reception for Grant Sainsbury’s Exhibition of Fine Art Photography is from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on September 3, 2016. Contact the Winfield Art Gallery for more information. Visit www.sallyreps.com to view Grant’s commercial photography.


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