Wardrobe Stylist Molly Hurd Styles for Function & Fashion

 Molly Hurd Fashion
While it’s the photographer’s job to manage lighting, framing and focus at a photo shoot, the stylist’s role is to realize the art director's vision by breathing life into the product itself.  The stylist functions to make the product gorgeous —no matter how simple — within the context of the brand’s expression and aesthetic.
Now, imagine being tasked with styling technical wear — i.e. clothing built to withstand 4,500 foot altitudes, 70 mph winds and freezing temperatures. Instead of luminous fabric or intricate or trendy details, the stylist must highlight reinforced knees, a gusseted crotch, hidden pockets, cuffs that cinch so they don’t creep down your leg with reflective lining.  
Today many technical brands have evolved into or spun off lines of tech wear into athleisure — sleek silhouettes with a street wear aesthetic (and hidden outdoorsy functionality): Hoodies are haute couture. For a stylist, it can be a challenge to portray the breathability and functionality of the garment. 

Enter wardrobe stylist, Molly Hurd. Molly's years of experience working with retail sports brands, fashion brands and interior clients gives her a broad background and versatility not often found in the styling realm. By creating structural elements — artwork — out of garments, Molly’s innovative work in front of the camera imbues the clothing she styles with a mood —be it tough or airy. This is essential, as we all know, technical apparel is as much about functionality as it is style. 
See more of Molly's work at www.sallyreps.com


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