Stylist Katie Laggis for Tommy Bahama Resort Has Our Full Attention

 Katie Laggis Stylist
Fashion stylist Katie Laggis may be a rarity these days. She grew up in the business on the other side of the camera, pursuing modeling until it became clear that her true calling was behind the camera, not in front. Always artistic, Katie continued with fashion design – sewing is in the family – then dabbled in photography before finding the perfect job as a stylist. Coming up in the industry, Katie brings to the client what you can’t teach — an eye. More than just making sure the clothes fit or an Instagram moment, Katie consistently creates a mood, a swagger, a connection to fashion. Without a picture, it’s hard to describe what Katie has, but 'it' captures our full attention.

Because Katie comes at her work with a strong aesthetic, she does best when asked to flex her creative muscles. With this shoot for Tommy Bahama Resort, the creative team got to do just that. After a day in the studio for an e-commerce shoot, Katie, in collaboration with photographer Devin Seferos, art director Lisa Fravel and hair and makup artist Kaija Mistral, had the chance to re-imagine the shoot. While Devin adjusted the lighting, Katie culled the racks and created a new narrative. The team happily spent a few hours testing the lights and playing with wardrobe, hair and makeup before sending the model off to catch her flight.

As a result, we are left with this striking image of beautiful model Amanda Mondale. It fully embodies the creative energy that came from being able to stop for a few hours, renew a connection to the product and spend the afternoon doing something purely for fun. 

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