Photographer George Barberis Adds His Visual Signature to Rejuvenation Shots

Calm and collected: Rejuvenation furniture, textiles and lighting image by photographer, George Barberis
What makes a photograph of beautifully hand-crafted furniture, stunning statement lighting and meticulously-restored antiques more than just pretty? Emotion and a sense of place—the feeling of being there. That’s why, Rejuvenation, think expertly-curated fixtures/furniture for the home, recently asked commercial and editorial photographer, George Barberis, to shoot its brand.  
A go-to photographer for publications such as Wine Spectator and Martha Stewart’s Weddings, George is known for using his own style as a starting point to express a brand’s identity. For Rejuvenation, George is consistently able to capture a mood while faithfully representing his subject — in this case sublime interiors. What’s exceptional is that George manages to do this all while manifesting his unique visual signature. With the help of set and prop stylist, Bergren Rameson, George plays with differential light to create compelling images of Rejuvenation’s products.
About Rejuvenation
Rejuvenation appeals to clients who take a long-term approach to their homes by building a collection of curated pieces that endure changing trends and the wear of daily life. With stores throughout California, Washington and Georgia, Rejuvenation is deeply rooted in period authenticity, architecture and great design.


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