Photo Stylist Kelsey Eads Can Do It All

Even in today’s transient design world of ‘here today, gone tomorrow,’ pop-up shops and flash retailing, it’s still best to be really good at one thing, just really flexible in doing it. And that’s just fine with prop stylist Kelsey Eads. Design is at the core of everything she does, but she’s perfected her craft by exploring a few different style-making avenues.

A successful photo stylist with clients like Amazon and Alaska Airlines, Kelsey draws on her experience as a wedding planner — not a typical career path for a commercial stylist. In 2005, Kelsey launched Sugarcomb — a wedding design and logistics service. Her experience creating beautifully-orchestrated weddings and events put her talents on display. It wasn’t long before her styling work or contributing advice was featured by various bridal magazines, including Brides.

As a photo stylist, Kelsey loves the excitement of weddings but is enjoying the more controlled environment of the studio. She continues to thrive on sets built, lit and styled to capture a story.

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