Allegra Hsiao Styles Relaxed, Modern Sustainable Home for Dwell Magazine

Prop and Food Stylist, Allegra Hsiao, says she often finds inspiration in art, light and space. She couldn’t have asked for a better muse than the prairie-meets-midcentury modern home she styled for Dwell magazine. For a recent issue, Hsiao collaborated with San Francisco Architects, Butler Armsden, and photographer, Matthew Millman, to style a LEED Platinum, modern home in Menlo Park, California. The home, featuring a collection of three pavilions connected by breezeways and a floating bridge, is the new kid on the block in a predominantly Eichler neighborhood. 

Hsiao and team took advantage of the airy, open floor plan and played with intersections of light. The amazing images capture a relaxed, California vibe without compromising the clean lines of the modern home. Hsiao’s choice of natural textiles and organic accents draw on the warm, natural wood of the home’s interior and the profusion of trees on the property. As always, Hsiao brings an earthy simplicity to her styling and leaves us with beautiful images of an indoor-outdoor dreamscape.  To see more from Allegra Hsiao visit or


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