Alex Hayden Photographs a Tsunami Proof Home for Gray Magazine

As an interior, exterior and home decor photographerAlex Hayden gets to photograph some amazing homes and buildings. Recently, he had the opportunity to shoot a Tsunami Proof home (who knew?) on Camano Island in Washington State for Gray Magazine.  

As many westerners know, the Pacific Northwest is on the precipice of the next big natural disaster, at least that's what the media is telling us. Needless to say tsunamis and earthquakes are top of mind when it comes to designing a home and planning for the future.  According to FEMA Camano Island is rated as a high-velocity Zone V, a ranking reserved for the country's most hazardous flood zones. Now if that's not daunting I am not sure what is.  The home owners of this particular house briefed the architect Dan 
Nelson, specifically stating that their new, beautiful, well designed home had to also be able to withstand gale-force winds, Category D earthquakes (that's bad fyi), and swift, powerful tsunamis, see last year's New Yorker article The Really Big One if you want more detail and fodder for some anxiety.  The end result was a 1,833 square-foot home, with the living area perched above the reach of potentially damaging 8-foot waves, thanks to the designated "flood room" on the ground floor. If the big one hits and a massive flood comes roaring up the coast line, the glass-paned doors are designed to break away and channel the water under and out of the house. Low maintenance, durable and impervious materials were included in case of water saturation. Ingenious.  More details and images of the Tsunami proof home can be found in the latest issue of Gray Magazine.  In the meantime, if you'd like to see more amazing images from Alex Hayden please visit his site at or


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