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Photographer Matthew Barnes Weaves a Visual Story for Client Hoakalei Resort & Golf Course Using a Lot of Skill and Imagination

A photoshoot on location for three days in Oahu sounds like a tough job. Right?  Well, aside from the beautiful location this shoot was a little tricky for Los Angeles Lifestyle/Luxury Travel Photographer Matthew Barnes.  Hired by agencyIntercommunications Inc. and client Haseko Corporation to capture a library of images that represented the feel of the Hoakalei Resort & Golf Course, Matthew had to work around a few obstacles.  First off the resort was under construction and not yet finished so the shoot took some creativity. Matthew and his team worked around construction areas while weaving a believable visual narrative that conveyed the essence of the place rather than a litteral interpredation. The images needed to appeal to a high end customer's sensiblity, people looking for vacation property. In the absence of an authentic environment Matthew worked with a wonderful local prop stylist who was able to create scenarios with props and sets. The golf course was the only completed area on the entire property. 
To complicate matters further Matthew was faced with using local talent. Some of the models had very little commercial experience so working around an unfinished set to create aspirational images took some imagination and trust.  In order to help the talent relax and interact Matthew made up a story of a family and couple and asked them to take on the identity of characters and play the role. What they lacked in experience they made up for in enthusiasm.” The crew had so much fun,” said Barnes. “The chemistry, location and attitude of everyone is what made it come together so well.”  In the end the broad library of images for the resort came out authentic and aspirational.  The client was very happy as was the agency.  The images are used in a variety of marketing media including digital, print, signage and collateral.  More work from Matthew Barnes can be found online at or


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