Kitchen Photography That Makes You Hungry for a Remodel

This is how I judge a photograph of a kitchen...does it make me hungry for a juicy remodel?  Upon viewing am I compelled to create my own clean, stylized space? As I linger on the image am I inspired to throw a big party where everyone flocks to the kitchen?  By those measures Alex Hayden's kitchen images fit the bill. 

Typically given the assignment to photograph a kitchen for a product company, appliance brand, architect or interior magazine, Hayden is often tasked with bringing a room to life, whether that means making a gray day bright, an appliance sparkle or a tight space inviting.  It’s no easy feat especially within a confined space or when the weather is not cooperating.  Interior photoshoots are often further complicated with models, crew and a team of clients.

But it's no problem for Alex Hayden who has been photographing kitchens, large and small, modern and traditional for over 20 years. Having worked for clients such as Home Depot, Best Buy, Hyatt, Stressless, This Old House, Savant Systems and Elle Decor, Alex Hayden understands how to create an aspirational kitchen image whether that means using natural or artificial light.   So lick your chops and get inspired by more kitchen images from Alex Hayden at or, but be forewarned you may find yourself longing for a remodel.  


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