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Photographer David Clugston for Dry Soda

David Clugston, known for his iconic still life photography and non-conventional food photography recently completed a new image campaign along side agency partnerRetail Voodo for Dry Soda's new gourmet sparkling beverage line.
The team at Dry Soda worked with some of the Pacific Northwest’s leading chefs to create a sparkling beverage worthy of gourmet food pairing and premium mixology. Using unique, natural flavor notes in the new sparkling beverage the team created unexpectedly palate pleasing flavors such as: Cucumber, Ginger, Rainier Cherry, Blood Orange, Rhubarb, Juniper Berry and Vanilla Bean.  David's assignment was to photograph the flavor inspirations as still life shots and then composite the oversized ingredients in the hands of models for a fresh, whimsical feel.  The packaging and brand images are clean, sophisticated and fresh.  

More images from photographer David Clugston can be found at or  See all the new images for Dry Soda here


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