Seattle Food Photographer Alex Hayden Photographs Images for Plate of Nations

If you like exotic food from Asia and Africa then you'll be jealous to know that food photographer Alex Hayden just spent a few days in Seattle's MLK district photographing wonderful plates of food from a range of restaurants who are participating in the Plate of Nations event here in Seattle March 27 through April 12.  These images get my stomach growling! 

For two weeks this spring, Plate of Nations will draw food lovers and urban adventurers to sample the authentic international cuisine offered by some of the best restaurants in the heart of the Rainier Valley, one of the most ethnically diverse communities in the country. Hankering for some Somali Goat Stew, Lao Papaya Salad, or Vietnamese Claypot? Plate of Nations has it.
is the brainchild of Asari Mohamath, a Cham Muslim refugee from Vietnam and former owner of Salima restaurant, who wanted to develop a unified marketing event to highlight the unique and authentic cuisines offered by MLK restaurants. 
Immigrants from around the world have settled in the Rainier Valley and started businesses, many of them restaurants providing cultural favorites to their ethnic communities looking for a taste of home. Those restaurant owners are excited to welcome other customers to their traditions. 
Plate of Nations

Food Styling

Shrimp Plate of Nations Seattle


Thai Chicken Plate of Nations


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