Zee Wendell Moves Outside with Little Giraffe

Los Angeles based lifestyle photographer Zee Wendell and art director Tara d'Ambrosia along with their client at Little Giraffe have moved outside to evolve the Little Giraffe brand story.  In past seasons the team focused on photographing product and models on an indoor set or in studio, but this season when the product line evolved they took the set on location outdoors. "We wanted to add depth and texture to the environment.  Our customer is a multi-faceted woman and we wanted to show her in a different environment," says Wendell.  Our set aesthetic is still very simple and clean but the outdoor setting gives the setting more visual layers.  And of course we love the curves and iconic statement of the Airstream."  Zee Wendell has been working with Little Giraffe for over four years.  More work from Zee Wendell can be found online here


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