Alex Hayden and Rachel Grunig Collaborate for Pocket Bakery in Seattle

Photographer Alex Hayden and Stylist Rachel Grunig recently collaborated on a project that hits close to home. Rachel's husband Josh Grunig started Pocket Bakery in August 2014. It currently functions as a pop up shop in Magpie, a lovely children's toy/gift store located at 2002 E Union Street in Seattle's central district.

To say the least, Josh is an entrepreneurial baker. He opens the bakery every Saturday from 10-1, and provides returning customers with a delicious selection that includes locally sourced and organic ingredients. He has a few stable items, and a few rotating items based on seasonal ingredients. Lately he's been focusing on incorporating heirloom and varietal grains into his products with great success (rye brownie, emmer shortbread, spelt paillettes). 

Some of his other items include (but are certainty not limited to) peach hand pies, mini sourdough loaves (because who doesn't love sourdough), slices of birthday cake, parmesan sage scones, cinnamon rolls, emmer shortbreads, sweet potato pies, and aurora apple pie pockets. 

As Josh is focused on keeping the neighborhood "wanting more", he has high sights for the bakery. Eventually he plans to move to a more permanent space, with the hope of cooking in a brick & mortar kitchen. 

Below are photographs from Alex and Rachel's campaign. You can follow Josh on Instagram at @pocketbakeryseattle and on Facebook at Pocket Bakery Seattle. He has been written up in a few local blogs:


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