Kelsey Eads Prop and Enviornment Stylist Joins Sally Bjornsen Represent

I wish I were a stylist but I don't have the chops. That's why I like representing them.  They continually surprise me with what they come up with.  I love design, shopping and estate sales but I have a hard time bringing it all together into one lovely picture. A good stylist is always imagining how props, architecture, product and color live together in harmony.  

Kelsey Eads, my new stylist is one of those people.  She has a wonderful eye and attitude that keeps clients happily surprised and inspired.  A little background on Kelsey: With a degree in Visual Merchandising Kelsey spent her early career as a designer focused on retail brands and products. Her career happily evolved over time into designing in front of the camera. Her work has included editorial set design and prop styling, creating lifestyle merchandise environments for large retailers, and set design and styling for live broadcast video. Her favorite part of the job is creating environments that tell a story about people and or lifestyle. 

More images and project from Kelsey can be found both on my site at or on her own site at 


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