Fashion Lifestyle Photographer Bryan Alano Opens New Studio in Downtown LA

Bryan Alano, known for his youthful and energetic fashion lifestyle work has just opened a new studio in Downtown LA. DTLA Studios @ 629 South Broadway Street, Los Angeles, California 90014.  DTLA Studios is the brainchild of creative individuals who collectively conceptualized an avenue for the convergence of art, collaboration, and ideas. But more than this compound of space and light, the studio is home to continued innovation of style and vision.

The Studio sits at the heart of the historic Saint Vincent Court in downtown LA, aptly located to play an interesting role in the melting pot of art culture, music, fashion, and lifestyle. DTLA is a stone’s throw from your local art and fashion district. 

Providing simultaneous glimpses of life in different hues, and a team who offer excellence and creativity of craftsmanship, DTLA Studios hopes to not just inspire a fresh perspective on photography and skill but also to house the birth of new ideas and philosophy.


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