Interior Photographer Alex Hayden Featured on ASMP

Featured Member, Alex Hayden

Name and business name: Alex Hayden / Alex Hayden Photography.
Hometown: Athens, GA.
Current residence: Seattle, WA.
url/phone:   / 206-381-1300.
Number of years as a photographer: 17.
Family, spouse, significant other, kids, pets, etc: Wife/producer: Susan, kids: Charlie, age 11 and Clara, age 10.
Photographic specialty: Interiors, and eating lunch.
Your favorite type of gig: Anything on location.  I seem to do better at finding pictures than making them from scratch in a studio.
Your favorite type of client: I like a collaborative client.  Someone who hires me to do what I do, and then helps me to make it better and suit their needs.  We all work together to make it great, and then we have lunch.
What sets you apart from the competition: Who knows?  Better at BS-ing my way into jobs?  It all seems pretty subjective, and those with the wallets get to make the decisions.  I just try to be nice, do my job, and always have lunch on time.
Other jobs you’ve had: I taught English in Japan after college for 2 years.  Other than that I have been in the commercial photography world.
If you were a superhero, what would be your super power:  I would feed the people.  In the Hayden family we feed a fever, feed a cold, feed a happiness, feed a sadness, feed boredom and feed excitement. I think it is pathetic that our super rich advanced society is too selfish to keep the most vulnerable around us safe and fed.


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