Sports Photographer Ian Coble Shows Us How Cross Fit is Done

Sports Photographer Ian Coble spent a weekend last month photographing cross fit athletes at a nearby Gym in Seattle's West Seattle neighborhood. The models, while gorgeous,are definitely workin' it. "When I photograph athletes I want them really doing the work," says Coble. "I asked these models to go out and run a few miles before the shoot so they were pumped up and ready to roll once we started shooting." Coble goes for authenticity in every sport. Known originally for his death defying ski shots Coble has taken that same passion and intensity that it takes to get a stellar skiing shot to the gym. It shoes in the images that capture the intensity of cross fit.  See more from Ian Coble online at or
Great behind the scenes video too:

Ian Coble : Behind the Scenes : Crossfit from Ian Coble on Vimeo.


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