Seattle Food Stylist Rachel Grunig Cooks it Up for Amazon

Rachel Grunig Seattle Photo Stylist is both prop stylist and food stylist and most recently wrapped a big food shoot for  Married to a baker, Rachel is comfortable whipping up recipes in the kitchen and creating beautiful food.  For this particular shoot Rachel Food Stylist Seattlecooked both on set (using a camp stove) and in her home kitchen (for prep).  "I was super please with the results," says Grunig. "I love cooking so much it's almost like I am not working."  For this shoot Rachel made bread, pasta, chocolate cookies, asian noodles and cous cous. "I really like the variety." Says Rachel.  More images from Rachel can be found online at
Food Stylist Rachel Grunig

Seattle liquid stylist Rachel Grunig

Seattle Rachel Grunig Food Stylist

Seattle Photo Stylist Rachel Grunig


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