Zee Wendell Proves Ingredients Matter for Kari Gran Skincare

Zee Wendell, Lifestyle Photographer, Hands Holding Petals
Lifestyle photographer Zee Wendell was recently hired by client Kari Gran Skincare for a still shoot and a video shoot. The goal was to create an image library and three short videos for the company. Zee's work embodies the mission of Kari Gran Skincare to create simple, natural skincare products. 

Kari Gran uses organic, natural, wild-harvested, and non-GMO ingredients. Their product is hand-poured in small batches to ensure freshness and Zee's photos highlight the purity and gentleness of the products and the care with which they are made. 
Zee Wendell, Lifestyle Photographer, Bees Wax in Hand

Zee Wendell, Lifestyle Photographer, Avocado
Below is a shot of the making of the video, "Ingredients Matter,"which showcases Kari Gran's commitment to natural beauty. Watch all three videos here, and find more from Zee Wendell at www.sallyreps.com


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