David Clugston Shoots Retro Project for Deloitte University Press

Conceptual Photographer David Clugston recently wrapped an editorial project for longtime client Deloitte University Press. The final product has an elegant simplicity that is full of character. The images pull you right into the scene and help to illustrate the themes of the accompanying articles. 

The first article, entitled Telling a Story with Data examines the schism between analysts and decision makers and claims that it must be bridged by storytelling. David's photo of a passionate performer captures that special something that enables inspired communication.The second article is called Reframing the Talent Agenda and examines the new paradoxes facing workers and employersDavid creates a contradiction of his own, telling the story of the evolution of the young laborer through time with a single picture.

“I liked this project,” said David.  “The client wanted a moody, retro feel which is fun to do.  It was a departure from the more modern, simple shots I am usually commissioned to do. The shots turned out beautifully and the client was happy.” More work from David can be found online at www.sallyreps.com or www.davidclugston.com


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