Wallpaper is Back and Interior Photographer Alex Hayden is There to Document the Trend

My childhood home was filled with wallpapered rooms.  Murals and textures lined our walls as well as the walls at my friend's homes.  But as time marched on home trends evolved and plain painted walls became the style du jour.  I am pleased to see that home decor has come full circle and that wall paper has had a resurgence.  Interior Photographer Alex Hayden has had the pleasure of documenting this trend in the past few years for a variety of clients and editors.  Above are some samples of what wall paper revisited looks like.  I say Yipee, I'm glad to see some texture and style back on the wall.  Enjoy!  To see more from Alex Hayden go to www.sallyreps.com or www.alexhayden.com.  


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