David Clugston Shoots Iconic Beverage Shots for Seattle's Best Coffee

There are food photographers and then there are iconic still life photographers, David Clugston has proven to be both all at the same time.  Not an easy thing to do.  Known primarily for his sexy, shiny still life images, Clugston is also becoming known for his iconic--still-life-esque food shots that not only make your mouth water but also satiate the visual senses. This fall Clugston worked with the art directors at Seattle Best Coffee to create the quintessential pumpkin spiced latte.  What better way to highlight the flavor than showing a piece of pumpkin pie in a cup.  David also did the same thing for the Snickerdoodle Latte.  "I loved these ideas that the client brought to the table," says Clugston.  "They were challenging and fun to shoot."  More work from Clugston can be found online at www.sallyreps.com or at www.davidclugston.com


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