David Clugston Shoots Feature Story for Deloitte Review

Photographer David Clugston, known mostly for his amazingly sexy still life images has joined forces with master retoucher Janko Williams to create the superhero composite image for the Deloitte Review.  The feature, From Mad Man to Superwoman The inevitable rise of the chief marketing officer in the age of the empowered customer compares today's modern female CMO to that of Don Draper from Mad Men, the highly acclaimed television show from AMC that profiles the 1960's Madison Avenue ad era. The image shows the iconic 1960's ad man (Clark Kent) as he transforms, a la phone booth, into the modern female CMO.  The image could easily be a comic book cover or a movie poster from a 1960's film noir.  "We wanted it to feel very vintage and modern at the same time," says Clugston.  "Our intent was to reflect the 1960's executive with a super human quality."  More images from David Clugston can be found online at www.sallyreps.com.  


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