David Clugston Shoots Nano Spy Drone Story for Business Week

David Clugston, renowned still life photographer has photographed some interesting gadgets in his day, from smart phones, guns, x-boxes, human brains and watches, just to name a few. Last month David had the pleasure of shooting some pretty amazing nano spy drones for a story in Bloomberg Business Week called Flight of the Warbots.

Here is a snippet from the story, you can read more here.

An unlikely industry leader of this explosion of flying robots, and maker of the Raven-B, is a small Los Angeles-area company called AeroVironment (AVAV). It produces 85 percent of the unmanned aerial systems used by U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to the Defense Dept. Measured by number of units deployed, AeroVironment is America’s top maker of surveillance drones. But rather than merely spy, this toy-size drone can kill: When its operator spots an enemy, Switchblade locks on, turns into a missile, and blows up the target. “I think Switchblade, like our other small UAVs, is going to plug a hole in [the military’s] arsenal,” says Tim Conver, chief executive of AeroVironment.


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