Master Retoucher Janko Williams Strikes Again

Janko Williams, photo retoucher extraordinaire, has a unique ability to transform strong images into stunning ones with a heightened sense of reality.

In the first image, we see that the focus is obviously on the hair. According to Janko, the biggest challenge with this image was to get the hair to flow naturally. The shot is actually a composite of 6-7 different individual shots, stitched together seamlessly. Another challenge was to get the hair looking perfectly smooth, especially in the transition between the highlights and shadows.

In the second image, the main challenge was to make the skin look flawless yet natural. A combination of lighting and makeup yielded an image that emphasized the model's facial blemishes. Janko was able to remove the blemishes while retaining enough of the skin's natural texture

Check out more of Janko's stunning "before and after" work.


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