Happy Anniversary to Sally Bjornsen Represents

Alex Hayden for Home Depot/The Richard's Group

Zee Wendell for Paraguard/McCaan Erikson Los Angeles

Henry Blackham for the Discovery Channel

Last month I celebrated my ninth year as Sally Bjornsen Represents. The anniversary came and went without much fanfare. It wasn't until I was reviewing my roster last week that I realized I am also celebrating a nine year anniversary with three of my photographers who have been with me from the beginning: Zee Wendell, Alex Hayden and Henry Blackham. It hardly seems like nine years we've had so much fun. The business has changed a lot since we first started together and continues to evolve as we speak. Above are samples from some of my favorite campaigns these photographers have shot over the years. See more from this amazing group of talented artists online at http://www.sallyreps.com/.


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