John Granen Shoots Hardcover Book: Farm Chick's Christmas

Interior and food photographer John Granen recently shot the Farmchicks Holiday book. Fans of homemade goodies, holiday crafts or the Farm Chicks will want to put this book on their wish list. And if you don't know about Farm Chicks yet, we think you should.

Farm Chick and Country Living contributing editor Serena Thompson has penned “The Farm Chicks Christmas: Merry Ideas for the Holidays” (Sterling Publishing Co., 2010).

The hardcover book is full of beautiful photography, most of it by John Granen. It sells for $27.95 and hit bookstores last month.

Thompson shares stories of the simple pleasures in life, along with friends and families. She folds in decorating ideas, holiday crafts, packaging ideas and tips for shipping goodies.

The book includes 17 recipes, along with notecards and gift tags for homemade treats.

Thompson is the co-founder of The Farm Chicks Antiques Show and co-authored “The Farm Chicks in the Kitchen” with her original partner in the business, Teri Edwards. Both women live with their families near Spokane.

Edwards has since retired but is featured prominently among the stories and friends in the book. Fans will also recognize the rustic Montana-chic stylings of the aforementioned Celeste Shaw among the decorating ideas.

Thompson opened the first Farm Chicks store this summer in Browne’s Addition, but it has since closed. However, her website and blog show the progress on the Farm Chicks “World Headquarters” on Green Bluff.

There’s more information about the Farm Chicks and Thompson at


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