No one photographs babies like Marcy Maloy!

As a photographer's representative nothing makes me happier than seeing new images from my photographers. It's like Christmas time when they unveil their new work. I suppose that's why I am in this business...I love pretty, cool, conceptual, thought provoking images. And of course that can come in many forms. When Marcy Maloy, children and lifestyle shooter sends me images I often find myself cracking up or simply smiling with joy. You see, Marcy photographs babies. I know, babies and dogs, the saying is true, everybody loves 'em. But there is something really special about the Marcy's shots. I have been on set with Marcy as she is magical. Imagine, Captin Kangaroo meets Snow White with a camera. Kids love her, the evidence is in the images. These images are a few of my favorite recent gems! or


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