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There are few things we love more at Springwise than to see formerly drab and utilitarian products reborn with a splash of style. We've already seen that happen with fire protection kits, for example; now, another case in point is California-based *emera, which has targeted the practical (but often ungainly) camera bag.

*emera's 'Modern' and 'Quilted' tote lines are designed to be elegant but functional equipment bags for fashion-conscious urban photographers. Strongly built and water resistant, the bags are structured and padded to protect delicate photographic gear. Inside are modular dividers that can be arranged to suit the size and shape of cameras, lenses and accessories. The bags also feature internal compartments for small items such as memory cards, and have exterior pockets at each end. Prices are USD 149 for the canvas-exterior design (which comes in a choice of colours), and USD 169 for the quilted design.

*emera is now accepting wholesale orders, so retail camera shops around the world may want to start getting in line. Or are there other utilitarian goods that you could transform with a little flair for fashion? (Related: Puzzle books given a design makeover — Toilet seat covers, upgraded — Chic vomit bags for morning-sick moms.)

Website: http://www.emerabags.com/
Contact: nathiya@emerabags.com


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