Lifestyle Photographer Marcy Maloy is Inspired by Alice in Wonderland

At the end of last month Marcy Maloy, commercial lifestyle photographer, got excited about the resurgence of the Alice and Wonderland story, (due in part to the new, much publicized movie by Tim Burton and starring Johnny Depp). She decided to make Lewis Carroll's Alice her subject for a test shoot in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. “Testing is kind of like dancing,” says Maloy. “A photographer, stylist, model and makeup/hair artist get together ...we try not to step on each others toes...we hope that our combined creative energies will take us somewhere new and different and exciting each time, (its like never quite know what you're going to get). Malia, our 15 year old, 5'10" Alice from LOOK MODELS was our muse and we especially thank her for being so stoic in the freezing cold weather. More work from Marcy can be found online at at the workbook and on Sally Bjornsen Represents.


glam.spoon said…
anything that Tim Burton touches is gold in my opinion... and I think I'll use Alice as my inspiration for s/s 2010 fashion!
dollybelle said…
Marcy is so talented! I think she totally captures the mood of Alice! What a teaser too! I would love to see more more more!!! I love Marcy!

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