Interior Photographer Alex Hayden Gets Movin' with Stop Action Animation

Alex Hayden, well established interior photographer has been shooting stop motion animation alongside his photo assignments in order to give his client's options. “In this particular instance we had this lovely vanity that was custom designed and installed by renowned architecture firm Bosworth Hoedemaker. The cool part about these drawers is that they have bright red interiors; it’s like an amazing lining of a coat or jacket. I thought I’d make a home video type piece with stop motion animation to show the drawers opening and closing. Stop motion animation is a fun way to show moving parts. Often times I spend so much time on set with an art director or product manager deciding… “Should we photograph the product open or closed? Up or down? With stop action you are able to shoot it both ways. It’s fun and a little silly but definitely shows the function and the moving parts." Alex Hayden's client list include: Pacific Coast Feather, Nordstrom, Starbucks, Tullys, Magnolia Audio Visual, Bose, Home Depot and Seattle Homes.


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