Marcy Maloy Interviews 55 Three and Four-Year Old Kids for Upcoming Downy Photoshoot

Marcy Maloy, lifestyle and children's photographer,known for her spontaneous and playful photographs recently did a three and a half hour casting in LA with 55 three and four-year old children for an upcoming Downy packaging shoot. "Kids inspire me!," she says, "I love their vulnerability and emotional transparency. Most children at that age are incapable of hiding their true feelings which is so refreshing. I feel the best when I am able to make a connection with them and witness on their faces exactly what they are feeling."

Marcy did report that the kids in LA seemed to be trained professionals compared to some other cities where she has cast talent in the past. "One little girl, a 'little miss sunshine' type pranced in without her mother and announced confidently. 'My name is Ashley Marie and I'm 4 years old and I'm from Los Angeles, California! My family washes all our clothes with Downy Fabric Softener!' When her audition was done I led her to the door and then she put out her little hand and said 'Thank you Miss Marcy for this audition!'"

Marcy and her assistant Nicole were a little exhausted at the end of the day but ispired nonetheless. "I think the client will be super happy," says Maloy. "they have a lot to choose from."

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