Photographer Alex Hayden and Retailer Best Buy win a RACie Award for their Magnolia Audio Video brand M Magazine

Interior Photographer Alex Hayden was glad to hear that the work he shot for Best Buy brand Magnolia Audio Video http://http// won a silver RACie last month. RACie is the official award for retail campaigns given by the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association, The award was specifically for their Branded M Magazine that Hayden shot over several months last year. “The job was so much fun and the client was great to work with. Winning the award for our collaboration just makes the job all that much more meaningful,” says Hayden.

Alex Hayden Recaps the Project in His Own Words:

Over the last year and a half I had the privilege to work on four M Magazine projects. We traveled to Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle to photograph large home electronic system installations. Magnolia Audio Video offers systems that can control audio, video, lighting and security. It is pretty cool. The goal was to show how Magnolia Audio Video integrates their system into a variety of homes. Along with showing how tastefully Magnolia Audio Video systems integrate into the home, we also wanted to visually explain how and where these high-end products are made. And that’s when things really got interesting.

The Best Buy art director, writer and I flew to Europe to document what goes into creating Magnolia Audio Video high-end audiophile speakers; we visited Sonus Faber in Vicenza, Italy http://http//, and Vienna Acoustics in Vienna, Austria http://http// Both of these manufacturers design some of the highest end product on the market. Our images convey to the Magnolia Audio Video customer the real value, design and craftsmanship that goes into each and every one of their products.

I am proud of this work because it was a team effort. I got to work with a great AD who worked tirelessly to help improve the photographs. Our chemistry was great; we pushed to try to make the images really interesting. The end results were really cool and great marketing tools for the sales team.


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