I love representing interior photographers!

I love, absolutely love representing interior photographers. If for no other reason it helps me with my own creative vision. My photographers, Alex Hayden, John Granen and Kathryn Barnard come back from shoots with the most beautiful images that inspire me to think outside the box in my own house and in my office space. A while back Alex Hayden, http://alexhayden.com/ shot a beautiful loft in Portland Oregon for Better Homes and Gardens. The interior designer took a very traditional approach with furniture, color, lighting and art, yet the space itself is very modern and "lofty." She also included very modern stainless steel appliances and some really avant guard sculpture. Who knew? The juxtaposition between the two styles makes for a really fresh statement, particularly in these times when modern seems to rule. Alex's light and etheral style is perfect for this lofty eclectic home.


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