Ideas and Inspiration for 2009 from Stylist Photo Art Director Andrea Austin

Earlier this week I sat down with Andrea Austin to ask her a few questions about how she gets inspired and what she is thinking about for 2009. Below is a recap of what we discussed.

Q. What are your 2009 inspirations? How do you get inspired?

For me, inspiration is everywhere, it is an organic process that unfolds naturally. Somehow, everyday from the familiar to the unfamiliar, whether I am running on the beach or visiting a museum, I find inspiration. I come up with general concepts or themes built around trends or movements, then I collect ideas, pictures, objects, textures and colors to pull the concept together. On a more literal basis I find that I am inspired by media, culture and politics as much as I am with design, color, nature and architecture.

Q. What are you excited about in 2009 as far as design trends go?

A. It's an interesting time for style and design. Two overall trends have emerged over the past few years that seem to be resurfacing again and again and I see them only getting stronger in 2009. These two trends are the enviornment and our increasing interest in global style. We are more connected globally than ever before. Our increasing familiarity, awareness and appreciation of what used to be "untouched" and "exotic" cultures is now woven into our own sense of global design and influence. The other trend is our awarness of the natural environment and our quality of life in our local environment. From design standpoint we will see more authentic handmade items from global and local artisans and eco/green sustainable designs. We will also be focused on buying "locally" as it relates to improving the environmental impact on the world at large and our local neigborhoods.

Q. Do you have favorite magazines, editors who you follow when it comes to style trends?

Magazines such as the World of Interiors, Italian /Casa Vogue, Good, Living etc. Travel & Leisure

Q.Is there a place you have never been but would love to go to just to be inspired?

A. There are so many places …Siwa Oasis on the edge of the Great Sand Sea, is a place I would love to explore. Truly inspired by nature – with its buildings made from mixture of rock salt and clay and its important cultural traditions. Experiencing a place like Siws Oasis would be like stepping back in time--such a contrast to our modern interconnected techno lifestyle.

Andrea has put together style boards for seasons throughout the year - she groups the boards by colors, themes, stories, cultures and concepts

January 2009 board is inspired by natures soul--the rich variety of colors and textures are accessible to everyone. Its easy and simple to use as a foundation/a basis in all aspects of life and style. Using nature as a guide never goes out of style (it’s also a great tool for choosing colors and combinations).

INSPIRED COLORS whites, shades grays, browns, earthy colors.


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