Stylist and Photo Art Director Andrea Austin Inspires Clients and Colleagues With Her Annual Holiday Card

Stylist and Photo Art Director Andrea Austin creates her annual holiday card. This year's message is infused by the color white and the power of imagination. Inspired by winter walks and nature's promise of the possibility of peace and eternal change. Austin turns ordinary items such as paper and salt into something magical. Winter dreams of white, the color of peace.

Last year's message from Andrea was inspired by the energy and spirit of joy. And how it shines brightest during the holiday season. Austin uses light in her card as a guiding force for the new year.

Earlier this week I spoke with Andrea and asked her how a "non-stylist" might incorporate some of the ideas that inspired her holiday card to create a more peaceful enviornment into their own home or work space.

Q. From a style perspective, how might someone want to inject a more "peaceful" feeling into their enviornment.

A. It's easy to do with paint, tableware, art and home accessories. You will want to incorporate peaceful shapes and patterns that are simple uncomplicated and natural quality in form. These simple silouettes are comforting and easy on the eyes.

From a color standpoint consider using a varirity of shades of whites on walls or in collections, such as placemats, center pieces, home accessories. White reflects light and creates a sense of openness. It’s visually calming and creates a tranquil peaceful environment

Q. What about in our daily lives. How do you create a more peaceful "ceteredness" for yourself in these crazy times of economic upheaval and world unrest.

A. What I try and do is to make time everyday to be quiet and to find peace from within. I make it a daily habit to take time out of my day, turn off the television, the radio and all media, enjoy chamomile tea or take a walk and breath in fresh air.


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